unit 14 – regular verbs

Activity 1: Watch the video about the grammar rule.

Activity 2: Go to pages 140 and 141 in your textbook. Do activities A and D.

(Click here to see the answers.)

Now go to unit 14 – irregular verbs.


3 responses to “unit 14 – regular verbs

  1. 1.I watched a movie.
    2. I went to the park.
    3. I washed my car.
    4. I read a story.
    5. I made a tea.

  2. HaMaD AhMeD AlJaSsMi

    1-I went to a restaurant to eat dinner.
    2-I went to my grandmother’s house .
    3-I read the Quran .
    4-I swam after the dinner .
    5-I walked after pray.

    • Good work Hamad. There were some small mistakes.

      1. No space between last letter and full stop.
      2. “I walked after praying“.

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