unit 15 – yes/no questions

Activity 1: Watch the video about the grammar rule.

Activity 2: Go to pages 150 and 151 in your textbook. Do activities A, B and C.

(Click here to see the answers.)

Activity 3: Answer the following questions. When you were a child, …

  • where did you live?
  • where did you go to school?
  • what did you like to do?
  • what was your favourite food?

 Leave a reply in the area below.

 Now go to unit 15 – “wh” word questions.


8 responses to “unit 15 – yes/no questions

  1. Ali Mohammed Alyassi

    I lived in Al – Shahba.
    I went to Abdulla Alsalim.
    I liked to travel.
    Mandy was my favourite food.

    (Good work Ali. Sean)

  2. I lived in sharjah. (Capital “S“).
    I went to Alhtin.
    I liked to play volleball. (volleyball)
    My favourite food was rice.

    (Very good work Omran. Sean)

  3. abdulla nasir abdulla

    I lived in a small city.
    I didn’t walk to school.
    I went to Primary School wen I was a child. (when)
    I liked to play cars wen I was a child.
    I didn’t like to stay at Home wen I was child.

    (Good work Abdullah – Sean.)

  4. 1- I lived in Ajman.

    2- I went to SIT school.

    3- I liked to play Bliard.

    4- My favourite food is fish. (past tense, was)

    (Good work Sultan – Sean.)

  5. 1. Ilived in Sharjah.
    2. Mohameed Al fateh. (Make a sentence!)
    3. I liked reading.
    4. Sea food was my favourite food.

    (Nice work Nasir…please write sentence 2 again. Sean)

  6. Khalifa saeed hamed saeed alsuwaidi

    1-I lived in Alkan.
    2-I went to the Alkaleej school.
    3-I liked to play game when I was childe. (a child)
    4-My favourite food was indain food. (Indian)

    (Good work Khalifa. Sean)

  7. Hossen Mohamed Murad

    1- I live In Sharjah
    2- Mohamed Bn Hamed High school
    3- Read story
    4- Lobster

    (Hossen, you need to write in PAST tense, e.g. I lived in Sharjah. Please edit the comment and send again. Sean)

  8. Hussain Abdelreda Hussain

    I like play football i was child . (I liked to play football when I was a child.)
    I like go to zoo wen i was child .
    I didnt like fish wen i was child. (didn’t)
    I didnt like eat more wen i was child . (like to eat)

    (Good work Hussain. Please look at the mistakes above.)

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