unit 19 – “will”

Activity 1: Watch the video about the grammar rule.

Activity 2: Go to pages 192 and 193 in your textbook. Do activities A, B and C.

(Click here to see the answers.)

Activity 3: Go to page 193. Look at activity D. What will probably happen in a few years? Write 5 sentences similar to below.

  • I will probably ………. in a few years.
  • My friend will ………. in a few years.

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Now go to unit 19 – yes/no questions.


8 responses to “unit 19 – “will”

  1. abdulla nasir abdulla

    1-I will probably buy (a) new car next year.
    2-I will not probably not go to school today.
    3-I will probably visit my family today.
    4-I will not probably (not) change my job.
    5-I will not probably (not) study for exam.

    Nice work Abdulla.

  2. Ahmad Sultan Omar Ali

    1- I will play football today .
    2- You won’t go to the desert today.
    3- She will take (a) break now.
    4- I will go p(b)ack to home now.
    5- I will finish exams today.

    Good work Ahmed.

  3. 1- I will probably (buy a) new car in a few years.
    2- My frei(ie)nd probably will get marriage (married) in a few years.
    3- I will probably finish my study in a few years.
    4- My friend probably will move to an(o)ther city in a few years.
    5- I will probably visit my family in a few years.

    Good work, Sultan.

  4. Khalifa saeed hamed saeed alsuwaidi

    1-I will probably play football today
    2-I will probably visit my friend last (next) week
    3-I will probalby buy a new clothes tommorrow
    4-My friend won()t visit me in next year
    5-My friend won()t buy a new car last (next) year

    Good work Khalifa. Don’t forget your full stops “.”.

  5. Humaid Abd alqader Ayoun

    1- I won’t play football last (next) week.
    2- I won’t study vocab today.
    3- I will finish unit 19 today.
    4- My friends and I won’t have fun (t)his summer.
    5- I won’t play basktball tom(o)rrow.

    Good work Humaid.

  6. I will play foot ball to day. (football today)
    She will not have (a) car.
    You will go (to a) museum next week.
    I will go to (the) student cinter (centre) to day.
    She will go back to home in the night.

    Well done Nasir.

  7. Mohammed Saleem Mohammed

    I will probably not be in University next year.
    I will probably be home to day (today).
    My friend will not be in University next year.
    My friend will buy a new car next year.
    I will probably not buy a new car to day (today).

    Good work Mohammed.

  8. Hussain Abdelreda Hussain

    I will probaly (probably) (have a) new jobs after five years.
    I probaly won’t move anothe (to another) city.
    I will start (a) business after five years.
    I probaly won’t move (to a) new home with my family.
    I will probaly buy nwe (a new) car after 1 years

    Good work Hussain.

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