unit 14 – irregular verbs

Activity 1: Watch the video about the grammar rule.

Activity 2: Go to pages 142 and 143 in your textbook. Do activities A, B, C and D.

(Click here to see the answers.)

Activity 3: What did you do last night? Write 5 sentences. Leave a reply in the area below.

 Now go to unit 14 – negative statments.


7 responses to “unit 14 – irregular verbs

  1. Ali Mohammed Alyassi

    I read the Koran.
    I met my cousin.
    I took my medicine.
    I watched a movie.

  2. Ali Mohammed Alyassi

    I made a coffee.

  3. abdulla nasir abdulla

    1-Last night I ate dinner.
    2-Last night I went cinema.
    3- Last night I my friend.
    4-Last night I came of dubai.
    5-last night I did not can sleep.

    • Good work Abdullah but there were some small mistakes.

      1. “I went to the cinema”, not “I went to cinema”.
      2. “I met my friend”, not “I my friend”.
      3. “I came to Dubai”, not “I came of dubai”.
      4. “I couldn’t sleep”, not “I did not can sleep”.

  4. Ahmad Sultan Omar Ali

    I played football in the last week.
    I went to pray in yesterday.
    I went to the MPH on Thursday.
    I went to the club on Friday.
    I’ve been busy in the last week

    • Nice work Ahmad. There were some small mistakes.

      1. “in the last week” should be “last week“.
      2. “in yesterday” should be “yesterday“.

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